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REC 410W 80 HC HJT 1000V BLK/BLK Solar Panel

by REC
Original price $217.30 - Original price $217.30
Original price
$217.30 - $217.30
Current price $217.30

Photovoltaic module with 132 mono cells and 405 Wp rated
power. Glass foil module with black anodized frame, black
foil and MC4 plug. Technical data according to the current
data sheet, Extract: LxWxH: 1821x1016x30 mm and weight:
20.5 kg, Umpp: 42.10V, Impp: 9.51 A, Uoc: 48.80 V, Isc: 10.10
A, Umax: 1000 V, TKUoc: -0.24 %/K.