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SolarEdge 3.8kW Hybrid Inverter

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The SolarEdge SE3800H-USS3BBC14 Energy Hub Inverter pairs the innovation of HD-Wave technology with the power of StorEdge in a next generation home backup solution for higher efficiency and greater flexibility. With this inverter, you will have one storage solution to back up an entire home, be ready for battery and EV charging with built-in energy monitoring and an overall flexible system to meet future energy storage needs. When you pair the SolarEdge SE3800H-USS3BBC14 Energy Hub Inverter with a battery and SolarEdge's backup interface (sold separately), you will have a DC-coupled solution that can keep the whole home on even when the grid is down. When DC coupled with power-stacked batteries and the new backup interface, the Energy Hub Inverter supports up to 200% DC oversizing and can power part of or the entire home, up to 200 A, during grid outages. While also enabling fast and simple installation, the solution eliminates the requirement for a main panel upgrade or generation panel, even when connected to multiple inverters, batteries or generators. When DC coupled with batteries, the combined efficiency reaches 90.8%. With built-in metering providing insight into actual energy consumption and production, smart energy upgrades can be easily made to meet evolving energy needs.