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EZ Solar JB-1.XL Junction Box

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EZ Solar has three layers of water protection
V-shaped design is the first layer of defense against
rainwater intrusion.
Seamless flashing integrates into the shingle course to
ensure proper water-shedding.
Sealant is installed around the factory molded sealant guide
as an additional leak prevention means. Sealant is placed on
the guide before anchoring the box to the roofing deck to
ensure a compressed seal.
Solobox provides one layer of water protection in attic runs
Square shape enables water to sit at the seam and
potentially leak into the attic
Rubber gasket with sealant inserted after anchoring the box.
This method lacks a compressed seal.
Does not provide integration with the roofing system.
Minimal shingle cutting- 1 layer vs 2-3 layers
Flexibility of entering through all 3 side walls
Reduced cost on drill bits working with polycarbonate vs
metal boxes