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Roof Tech MINI Self-Flashing Base

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Roof Tech MINI Self-Flashing Base has the following features:

  • No Caulking or Pre-Drilling Required Universal Attachment to Any Slope
  • Metal, EPDM, TPO, SBS, & Asphalt Roofs
  • Wide Range of Applications & Ultimate Flexibility on the Roof
  • No Need to Bend Rails
  • N-S & Rotational Adjustments

Roof Tech MINI Self-Flashing Base

The RT-MINI II is designed to attach conventional rail mounting systems for any sloped roofs consisting of metal, EPDM, TPO, and asphalt.

The RT-MINI II has more mounting options for rafters and also combines rafter and deck attachments. The optional RT 5 x 90mm stainless wood screws (rafter only) can provide a wider span, and the offset rafter mounting adds more options on any style of roof and pitch. The new design uses less aluminum, making it a more efficient design that reduces raw materials and decreases logistic expenses.
Key Features
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